Why Having Cultural Diversity In Your Company Is So Important

Because that company was quite large, it is natural to assume that they had an active cultural diversity program that helped them create the best environment for their workforce. However, even if you have a smaller company that you are working with, cultural diversity can make a tremendous difference in how fortunate you are. Here are some reasons that cultural diversity can make a difference in your firm.

Global Markets

Most people have now noticed that Facebook and many other social media giants have a couple of billion customers worldwide that are online and dying to buy your product from you if you can reach them using the culture they are used to. In most cases that means creating ads that feature a cultural diversity message so that your company image matches your global aspirations.

Of course, to augment that global image and drive more sales, you’ll likely find that the more that you diversify your company workforce, the better marketing and sales results you will start to see. It merely follows that people that are closer to other cultures have more insight when comes to selling to those cultures.


Government Contracts

When you ask the average small business person what they think about when they hear the phrase ‘government contracts,’ the answer is usually ‘paperwork.’ There is typically a lot of paperwork associated with bidding on government contracts. At the same time, there are a lot of government contracts that are set aside for small businesses that are getting started contracting. The majority of those deals reward companies that are strong at promoting cultural diversity within their organization. Even when they do not explicitly mention it, you will likely find that your bid results are better when you have an adequately diversified workforce.

That is generally because the government is the most diversified body of workers in the country. If their managers come across a company that is strong at bidding but ignores a large part of a minority population in their community when they hire, you won’t have to go very far to find a group of people that are part of that population and have some questions about that.


Better Ideas

The more diversity that you have in your firm in general, the better your ideas can be because people are pulling answers from their experience in many different cultures. Cultures like China and India are several thousand years old. It is possible that people of other cultural backgrounds have already encountered some of the solutions you need to find or are looking for.

In addition to cultural diversity, educational diversity is something that should be encouraged. The more people with degrees in areas complementary to your business, the stronger you will be. If they don’t have a degree in business, they can always get a business management degree online, and this is something you could encourage through incentives as well. Promote educational diversity as much as you can because it will benefit your business.


Promoting cultural diversity at your firm in the 21st century is one of the best ways to kickstart or sustain growth. The marketplace is rewarding firms that are culturally diverse, and so are local communities.

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