Just Received My Business Degree, Now What?

If you’ve just graduated from college with a business degree, you may think you can relax. However, the hard work is just starting. Now that it’s time to put that degree to good use in the workplace, you may not have any idea what area of business you want to pursue. Whether you’re wanting to work in the retail world, become a real estate agent, manage a local business, or any of the seemingly endless number of opportunities surrounding you, it can be hard to know which path to take. But for those who started laying the groundwork while still in school, the road ahead is much more comfortable. To learn more about how those who earn business management degrees can land some of the top positions in the corporate world, here are some tips to consider.

The Benefit of an Internship

While you’re in school getting plenty of classroom learning, it’s vital to participate in an internship so that you can apply your classroom learning to the real world. Not only do you get invaluable experience, but you also get yourself known to managers and others who may have a say in hiring when a position becomes available. So even though you won’t earn any money in an internship, the experience and contacts you’ll make will make it well worth the effort.

Market Yourself

Along with doing an internship while in school, you can also market yourself in some ways. One of the best ways to do so is by dropping into your campus career services center, which can help you both while you’re in school and after you graduate. While in college, the staff can help you find potential job and internship opportunities and can point out specific career fields you may not have even considered. And once you’re out of school and have your degree, the career services center can still help you, since most schools provide career services to alumni for as long as necessary after graduating.


While you can look at online job postings and indeed land a good job, many positions are filled by those who know someone who knows someone within a company. As a result, networking can be the key you need to unlock the career door. By joining local business organizations, Chambers of Commerce, as well as attending career fairs and seminars, you’ll meet a wide variety of people in many different industries. And along with this, you’ll usually have a chance to talk to them in an environment that’s casual and relaxed, where they can get to know who you are and learn more about your career ambitions.

School-Business Partnerships

For more and more schools today, establishing partnerships with local, regional, and national businesses is an excellent way for current students as well as graduates to learn about job opportunities and get their foot in the door. Similar to internships, these partnerships often have agreements in place with schools to give their graduates top consideration for numerous openings, which can make it easier to land the position of your dreams.

Skills Assessment Test

If you’ve got your degree but have little idea what you want to do, consider taking a skills assessment test. Available at your school’s career services center as well as online, these tests can sometimes help you discover the skills you possess would be perfect for a career you never previously considered.

By taking advantage of opportunities while you’re in school as well as making yourself as well-known as possible after graduation, chances are you will be like many others who have earned business management degrees and gone on to careers that reward them personally and professionally.




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