Holy Smokes Batman: #SmartBrownVoices #Podcast featured on iTunes.


Doing this show, working a full-time hustle for several companies, trying to be a creator of change in the tech space, and all of the million other things that I do is HARD. I’ve often wanted to just go sit on the beach and sell taco’s for a living but there is a bigger picture and a greater mission at hand that is much bigger than me. So I’d like to thank Apple and iTunes for this shout out. It is a much-needed hug when times are tough and a reminder to keep grinding it out. #WorkWorkWorkWork

If you LOVE #SmartBrownVoices, send me a donation and help support the show. I pay for hosting, editing, and other items out of pocket and we are currently unsponsored. So help a homie out and paypal me some love at streetforce1@gmail.com.


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