WOKE Podcast – Ep.15 – Mohammed Speaks👊🏾🎤 #wokepodcast #smartbrownvoices

Mohammed S. Luwemba is a graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan where he attained his bachelors in Political Science. In 2013 Mr. Luwemba graduated from John Marshall Law School in Atlanta Georgia. Over the past fifteen years Mohammed has used his education & organizing ability to attack the socioeconomic issues effecting Black male youth via starting several leadership programs in juvenile facilities, and the community.   

Currently Mohammed is a Criminal Defense Attorney in Atlanta, the chairman of the National Black Operations Business Association which is the parent company (Elite Brother™ /Elite Sister™ brand, Our Law Media, and the executive director of Elite Brother Inc. Mohammed is also currently working on a documentary/initiative titled “Don’t Go to Prison” & an initiative by the same name which will act as a deterrent for male and female youth within the urban community to steer them away from the prison system.

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