All Things #FinTech with James Felton Keith (@JFKii) CXO & Advocate for #PersonalData Ownership and Economic Inclusion.

James Felton Keith

James Felton Keith is an engineer, ethnographer, and economics analyst. His intrigue with the culture of capitalism, distribution of value, and technological integration of the world are the primary drivers of his endeavor.

Keith has held executive and consultant roles in operations, finance, engineering, energy supply, distribution, and technology for F500 and start-up enterprise in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa: award winning clients the likes of StallTalk, HP, Sapiens, Eskom, DaimlerChrysler.

Keith’s philosophical perspective is a result of a series of questions that were raised on the implications of string-field-theory during his diverse and adverse life experiences; Coined Integrationalism and published by Common Ground, he makes decisions on the notion that: all things in existence are physiologically connected at the sub-atomic level

His current objectives are rooted in delivering the technological and economic innovations of the world’s most affluent to underserved markets; further, providing a tangible realization of our “interconnectedness”. As a co-founder of the IBM backed platform, he has scaled institutional clients while implementing a large scale initiative to connect individuals to the financial markets. Keith is formerly an appointee in the Office of Mayor Mike Duggan at the City of Detroit. He has been visiting faculty at Michigan State University in 2010-11, he is a previous editor-in-chief of African journals at the Centre for Intelligence, Innovation, and Performance Management, associate editor of International Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Society; as well as, a member of the Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics’ Technology & Ethics study group, and a noted Transhumanist having contributed to the Roosevelt Institute, World Future Society, Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies, Meeting of the Minds, Humanity Plus, Lifeboat Foundation, and 50 Shades of Black, among other think tank initiatives. Via his ability to build strategic relationships and ideas on diversity & inclusion as a driver of economic growth he was a appointed President of the Detroit Regional LGBT Chamber of Commerce in.

Keith started his career as an engineer evaluating industrial processes for Bing-Lear Corporation, water purification systems for P&G, and among his early accomplishments he released the seat design and side airbags on the Chrysler LX platform which is better known as Chrysler 300c, Dodge Magnum & Charger. Originally from Detroit, MI he was educated in public schools and pursued degrees for engineering, economics, and IT at Tuskegee, Harvard, and LTU, universities. He lives primarily in Manhattan with his husband.


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