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Randy D. Williams, also known as “The Generation Changer” is an entrepreneur and author committed to developing the next generation of leaders. Williams tapped into his sense of purpose after losing two brothers who were both under the age of 25. These heartbreaking losses ignited his desire to effectively utilize the time that he has on Earth to make the greatest impact possible.

As an entrepreneur, he has gained national media attention for his company, Talley & Twine Watches where he designs and manufactures watches and other men’s accessories. Randy is currently the president of this company and still retains 100% ownership.

His books, such as 7 Questions Every Young Leader Must Answer have been used by schools and community organizations as a model to teach young people to think and act like leaders. Because of his passion for business, he founded Project 1322 to mentor and teach youth about entrepreneurship in order to help them empower their communities.

Randy is on a mission to inspire the next generation of leaders and frequently speaks to colleges, corporations and high schools all over the country on the topic of leadership. His message resonates with students because of his down-to-earth style and ability to use present-day examples to drive his points home. The audiences he speaks to leave feeling both challenged and inspired to become “generation changers”. He is based out of Hampton Roads, Va.


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