#SmartBrownVoices – Ep 2 – The PhatStartup w/ Anthony Fraiser and James Lopez.



“Hip-Hop culture is hacker culture,” says Anthony Fraiser, co-Founder of the Phat Startup with James Lopez. In this episode of #SmartBrownVoices, Mr. Mike Street sits down with the Phat Startup founders to discuss the past, present, and future of the organization.

Insights from this episode:

  • It’s important to find the right co-founder and the right investors. If you don’t click your business might be headed for failure.
  • The essence of hacker culture is rooted in the innovation of Hip-Hop culture
  • It’s great that you can code, but you can SALE?

About the Phat Startup:

The Phat Startup is an integrated media company that produces premium content for all levels of entrepreneurs.  We are inspired by and fuse together Lean Startup methodology and Hip Hop culture.

Our core beliefs a1re:

  • Solve big problems1
  • Be prepared to switch your style up
  • Always test your assumptions
  • Don’t wait for permission
  • Failure is a way to learn
  • Do the work that counts
  • When in doubt, listen to Hip Hop!

Jay-Z once said “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man,”2 but how did he become a business? Let us show you how!

We welcome you to tell your story! If you are currently working on a business and love Hip Hop, hit us up!

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