#SmartBrownVoices – Ep 3 – Denitria Lewis – Brands on Fleek

SXSW Day 6 - 2170


About This Episode:

@MrMikeStreet sits down with Denitria Lewis and discusses brands using the word Fleek in their social media post, #CulturalIQ, and her work with Digital Undivided.

Insights from This Episode:

  • Brands need to develop their own unique voices that do not mimic the voice/tone of various cultural groups.
  • Find how you can provide the BEST value for your clients. If you can do that well and in a unique way you will win.
  • Creating a startup culture for African American’s in hard work but is must be done and organizations like Digital Undivided and Code2040 are leading the way.

Social Media

Denitria Lewis Bio:

Denitria Lewis is a senior media strategist who makes data accessible and actionable so clients
can meet their business goals. Founder CUSPData and The DNYREE Group, a Media + Culture Marketing
Firm. CUSPData aims increase your CulturalIQ, by decoding for cross-cultural audience metrics the way
RapGenius translates hip-hop lyrics.
An avid cultural observer, @dnyree can be found waxing poetic about the convergence of marketing, tech,
and pop culture.


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