#SmartBrownVoices – Ep 8 – Laura Mignott from Digital Flash – Tips for Agency Success

In this episode:

Mike Street chats with  Laura Mignott, co-Founder of the marketing agency Digital Flash based in NYC. Mike and Laura talk about the roll of Marketing agencies in today’s time and keys to success for starting your own marketing agency.

Laura Mignott on #SmartBrownVoices


About Laura:

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of DigitalFlash, a New York-based digital experience agency, Laura Mignott has a passion for bringing consumer communities together.

In the short amount of time they’ve been around, the DigitalFlash team has seen and done it all: After only four years, Laura, partner and DigitalFlash Co-Founder Sara Walker-Santana, and the DigitalFlash team cater to some of the world’s largest brands in a mega-competitive digital media market that includes social media, events and activations, and digital media marketing across platforms including mobile.Along with Samsung, a few of DigitalFlash’s other notable clients include Tagged, Caesar’s Entertainment, and SMAC. DigitalFlash represents established and up-and-coming brands with a mixture of real-world and social media savvy.

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