#SmartBrownVoices – ep. 64 – Thomas Calhoun Jr.

Mike Street and Thomas Calhoun discuss his upcoming book “Something Missing.”

About the Book

Did you know that seventy percent of workers report being disengaged at work? The startup renaissance is revolutionizing our economy by changing the definition of work: what it looks like as well as when, where, how, and for whom we do it. For some, this has been a lucrative shift in American culture. Women and minorities, however, are not experiencing the same shift. Specifically, African American, Hispanic, and women entrepreneurs are receiving less than one percent of venture capital annually, which decreases the likelihood of successfully “taking the leap”. Overall, this change has brought about the question of why we do the work we do. Does it make us happy? Fulfill us? Or, does it just pay the bills until we find what’s missing?

In Something’s Missing, Thomas Calhoun Jr. encourages you to lead a more purposeful existence by exposing a few inconvenient truths, asking tough questions, and sharing how his personal journey within shaped his career as an entrepreneur. Allow Thomas to walk you step-by-step through the Seven P’s of Purpose(TM) to find your why and walk in it.

About Thomas Calhoun Jr.

As an HBCU & PWI graduate, Thomas Calhoun Jr. has experienced both sides of the debate as well as written about it. Since 2008, Thomas has been a full-time entrepreneur primarily in the government services space. In the end, his commitment to the HBCU community, passion for entrepreneurship, and belief in the power of cooperative economics to improve the social dilemma Black people are facing in America led him to leave government contracting in 2014. Since then, he has written a book entitled Something’s Missing and focused on nafasi – a virtual innovation ecosystem connecting women and minority founders to the talent and capital they need to succeed.

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