#SmartBrownVoices – EP 57 – Tamecca Tillard

About Tamecca Tillard:

Tamecca Tillard
Tamecca Tillard

“I am an entrepreneur. I enjoy and live to solve challenges. As a young girl most of my career aspirations were careers in STEM. I grew up in Monterey, California, so depending on the current “muse” or season I envisioned my adult self as a marine biologist when the whales migrated through the Peninsula, an agronomist during harvesting season in Salinas or my ultimate dream – to be an astronaut. Fast-forward to undergrad at the University of Virginia and that vision was challenged by several infamous courses designed to weed-out students. However, all was not lost, I discovered business, design and tech. I was part of a new breed of talent that went on to make the first wave of Internet/dotcom ventures, the same generation that grew up on hip-hop and “remixes”. Everything about my work has and continues to be a “remix”. I worked at great places where I managed great accounts, those places included the Chisholm-Mingo Group, BNN (Broadcast News Network) ODMinc.com andQello.com. I also founded my own company Element 9, plus I was part of the founding team of TFOA Professional Prep, a K-5 charter school in my community Bedford Stuyvesant. Like many mid-careers, I had burn-out. So I retooled in grad school at Harvard and devoured all things “innovation” in Cambridge. My journey has not been linear, it has included marriage and 5 kids and the occasional fellowship — thank you R.E.A.P. and Coro Leadership New York. Today my life and work (aka “the remix”) is influenced by my advocacy work in education and economic development. ”


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