#SmartBrownVoices – Ep. 49 – Seven Brown


It’s been said that beauty is only skin deep. Skin care and Beauty expert Seven Brown has done much to demonstrated otherwise—“Skin is the Truth,” her motto, reveals that truly beautiful skin starts from the inside and glows on the outside. In fact, in the over fifteen years, Brown has created a holistic skin-centric empire that not only speaks but shows the power of personal care on the skin. Her multi-tiered approach to skin care doesn’t begin and end with a simple slather of cream. The term “expert” often has many faces, and Brown embodies them all: she is an educator, an esthetician, an entrepreneur and even a fabulously fit mother of four, who imbues each area of her practice with sensitivity, care and sustainability. Just look at Seven herself and it’s obvious the woman practices what she teaches.

Brown began her journey into the world of beauty as a creative talent manager. In a twist of events, it was soon clear that she was the talent. Brown always knew, since childhood, she was poised for beauty. Her grandmother’s demure influenced Brown’s idea of elegance greatly, through the frame of her classic scent of Chanel No. 5. So Brown pursued her esthetics and teaching licenses, even acquiring the certification for Paramedical Esthetics, Chinese facial diagnoses, manual lymphatic drainage and facial electric technologies. She soon rose the ranks at Atelier Esthétique Institute of Esthetics, in New York. She quickly became the school’s Lead Advanced Educator, where she taught and managed all the post-graduate curriculums, including the first ever-comprehensive Paramedical Esthetics and International ITEC Certification. She even facilitated the opening of the first Esthetic school in the Philippines— after all, she’s licensed to beauty in 38 countries.

Concurrent to her educational duties, Brown became an authority in the beauty media. Not only did she hold the position of Beauty and Grooming director of The Bleu Magazine for 8 years also is highly visible on social media with her popular blog Hello Beautiful and auxiliary Youtube channel. Imparting tips and techniques, Brown’s media presence has gained traction amongst audiences nationally. It’s not just audiences who adore Brown—brands do too. Brown has served as the Resident Skin Care Consultant for the Sam Fine Beauty Tour (sponsored by Sephora), an aesthetician for Oil of Olay’s Regenerist Team and has even been the keynote speaker for the Cosmetology Educators of America Conference. This has lead Brown to acquire additional awards as a National Certified Health Counselor, and form alliances with the Association of Skin Care Professionals.

As if that weren’t enough, for the last four years, Brown has lead her own business and fullservice boutique skin care center serving both women and men, the Harlem Skin & Laser Clinic, which even has has been featured in Time Magazine, on MSNBC and Channel 7 EyeWitness News. While operating on a word-of-mouth basis, she maintains a booked roster of clients of all ages, cultures (especially skin of color) and skin-care needs. Brown values the close relationships with her clients, and can be found at her skin clinic every day—and even is known to take personal calls at any hour to help her patients through emergency issues. Known to her friends, clients and fans as warm, personable and authentic, Seven Brown has championed her message—“Live Beautiful, Inside & Out!”—far and wide, and continues to serve her passion and profession with pride and innovation.



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