#SmartBrownVoices – Ep. 48 – Dr. Vibe


He’s a self taught online whiz. With no formal training in coding or broadcasting, Dr. Vibe has become Canada’s Prince of Podcast. He dominates the Internet when it comes to hosting intelligent, entertaining conversations on race and gender. His experience as a TV reporter injects an extra dose of thoughtfulness into all of his interviews, setting him apart from the average online broadcaster. He brings that same professionalism and insight to all of his online conversations across platforms such as Google+ , YouTube , Facebook and Twitter.

Dr. Vibe has been the host and producer of his own podcast The Dr. Vibe Show for the last decade. He has done over 1000 interviews with people from all over the world. He has gotten into the minds of Black powerhouses such as: Canadian football great Michael “Pinball” Clemons, Canadian Senator Don Meredith, ESPN Radio’s Freddie Coleman, actress and producer Robin Givens and MSNBC & CNN Education Contributor, Dr. Steve Perry. His main mission is to peel back the layers of the mainstream media’s construct around Black males, to reveal the positivity that is often clouded. He’s been featured on platforms such as HuffPost Live because of his candid and informed opinions.

As of May 2013, The Dr. Vibe Show is the first and only podcast to be regularly featured on the popular U.S. based men’s website, The Good Men Project which has 3 million unique visitors per month and 6 million page views per month. Dr. Vibe is the host and co-producer of the monthly Google+ Hangouts for Premium Members of The Good Men Project (Original host and co-producer since November 2013).


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  1. Civilla says:

    Great to hear Dr. Vibe being interviewed! I especially liked the suggestion that as people of color, we should leave a positive footprint on social media. I totally agree! Thanks for a great interview!

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