#SmartBrownVoices – Ep. 46 – Bryan Hanley

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I am a born and bred Brooklynite with about over 10 years of experience in the financial services industry. I started out at a small mortgage brokerage firm directly after college in 2005 and have been helping people ever since. I am a student of the Brooklyn Real Estate market and I love to help people find a way to be a part of it. My greatest joy is helping people finance their homes. I can talk mortgages and real estate all day because I truly believe their power to transform lives. During the course of my career I’ve met countless entrepreneurs, especially ones that look like me that are clueless when it comes to obtaining financing. The led me to write my book : “The House Hustle: The Insider Secrets Of Buying a House for Black Entrepreneurs” It gives step by step information on how to prepare for buying a house and how to get your financial house in order so you get a letter saying “approved” instead of “denied”



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