#SmartBrownVoices – Ep. 42 – Vital Dining

Tired of waiting, Nataki Williams, a finance executive, called her brother, Kwame Williams, a gourmet chef, and said “Let’s do it!” Kwame’s 13 years of culinary experience and Nataki’s 13 years of finance experience culminated with the doors of Vital being opened in less than a month. Kwame being health conscious and Nataki being a “foodie” led to a new take on the Jamaican restaurant. In a time where everyone is a pescetarian, paleo, vegan, vegetarian and so on, Vital is a place where we can all come to be satisfied. Offering something for every taste, it is where eating to live and living to eat meet!



After graduating from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, Chef Kwame Williams worked at some of NJ’s top fine dining establishments.  He started his culinary career at The Ryland Inn (Whitehouse station, NJ), one of the only restaurants in NJ to get 4 stars from the NY Times and is Relais & Chateaux rated.  They provided Chef Kwame with an exceptional foundation and set his standards for quality of food.  He continued his career at Rat’s (Hamilton, NJ), The Bernards Inn (Bernardsville, NJ), Pleasantdale Chateau(West Orange, NJ), Highlawn Pavilion (West Orange, NJ), Hyatt (Jersey City, NJ), and Minton’s (Harlem, NY).  Most recently, he became a member of a team of celebrity chefs under the direction of ChefRLI (Richard Ingraham).
As a dedicated father, he has seen the impression that his food choices have made on his children.  Knowing that not everyone has a classically trained chef as a parent, he has dedicated his free time to several charities that introduce healthy food to children such as Edible Schoolyard, as well as, speaking at schools.
Vital is just another step in Kwame’s journey to bring healthy and delicious meals to the forefront of the public’s minds.  Making it that much easier to make positive choices in what we eat.  He makes food that is more than just fuel but an experience you want to repeat countless times.



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  1. What a great episode, I really enjoyed listening to Kwame’s and Nataki’s story. The food sounds mouth watering 🙂

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