#SmartBrownVoices – EP 15 – Stacey Ferguson: Building a Successful Conference

This week Mike Street chats with the co-Founder of Blogalicious Conference, Stacey Ferguson. Stacey talks about her experiences creating the conference, how to get sponsorships, and whats needed for conference success.


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Meet Stacey:

Hi! I’m Stacey. Lifestyle + Business Design for Multi-passionates is my jam. With a little strategy magic, You can have your life and career cake and eat it too. Let’s Carpe the Diem together: Life IS the Party!

Break out the good china. Shimmy into that cocktail dress. Start up that bakery or that summer camp or that podcast. There’s no better day than today to celebrate or to pursue your dreams – life IS the party! Since 2010 I’ve been inspiring others to be intentional about designing their lives and celebrating the every day through this lifestyle blog, events and my consulting business. Not only have I had the extreme joy of pushing people in the direction that makes their eyes sparkle, but I’ve also had the pleasure of working on projects that have a purpose and make me feel good inside. It’s my cheery outlook on life, my genuine desire to help others live their passions, my deep-seated love for entrepreneurship, and my knack for turning the little things into big experiences that drive my personal and business missions. After shaking the corporate world in 2012 after a 10-year career practicing law, launching a parenting and work-life ‘balance’ blog in 2006, and co-founding a conference and leading a social movement that began in 2009, today I can say that I’ve finally honed in on my calling: to restore the joie de vivre in those I touch. Welcome to my little slice of happy.


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