EP. 76 – Harlem Run w/ Amir and Alison

#Harlem1Miler – Sunday, June 18th, 2017 – Sign up!

ALISON MARIELLA DÉSIR Passionate about community, mental health and fitness, Alison is an endurance athlete and believer that sport has the power to change lives.  Alison started running after a period of depression, and, over the past 4 years, has been able to Find Meaning on the Run. Named by Women’s Running as one of twenty women who are changing the sport and the world, Alison’s running journey started with a blog, powderedfeet.com, and eventually expanded into a transformative movement known as Harlem Run. When she’s not running, she’s working to resolve and speaking passionately about issues related to women and girls.  Alison has her B.A., and two M.A.s, all from Columbia University.

AMIR MUHAMMAD FIGUEROA is a captain of Harlem Run, an ultra-marathoner, and a powerful change agent.  After running the 2010 NYC Marathon and pushing beyond his limits, Amir discovered just how meaningful his connection to running could be.  Armed with a firm commitment to community-building and creating movements, Amir proudly leads the walking group at Harlem Run to ensure that people of all abilities feel welcomed.
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