Ep 81 – Cam F Awesome – Cam is AWESOME!

Cam Awesome
Keynote Speaker  | Emcee  | Comedian


Cam was overweight and bullied in school. After being cut off of every team in school and never playing a single organized sport, in 2006, he decided to join a boxing gym in his neighborhood to lose weight and build a little bit of confidence. Little did he know that on top of accomplishing those two personal goals rather quickly, he had just taken the first step on the road of becoming a champion.

Cam quickly moved through the ranks and qualified for the 2008 Olympic trials. While falling short of an Olympic goal would discourage and dishearten most, when Cam was told that he would not be making his Olympic debut at that time, it only fueled his fire all the more. Mr. Awesome continued boxing and won nationals in ‘08, ‘09, ‘10, ‘11, and won the Olympic trials in 2012, only to be kicked off the Olympic Team and suspended for an entire year for a rule violation discrepancy.

After the smoke cleared and disappointment set in of being removed from the team and losing his housing, Cam realized he was homeless and had never made any plans after sports. Cam slept on a friends couch for a year, all the while battling depression,
substance abuse, and weight gain. Towards the end of that year, he lost a bet and had to become a sober vegan for 28 days, and that changed his life. Cam decided to legally change his name and killed off the old to make room for the new Awesome attitude and stepped back into the ring with a renewed and strengthened

He began boxing again, lost 70 pounds and regained his spot as the #1 Heavyweight in the country in 2013, and also began doing stand- up comedy and public speaking. Cam had seen where not having a Plan B would leave him and he knew that that was nowhere if sports were to not work out again. He went on to winning Nationals in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. In 2015, Cam had a post- fight interview with ESPN, where he dubbed himself “Not, not the Taylor Swift of Boxing” that went viral and truly pushed his
comedy and speaking career to new heights.

Cam went on to win the 2016 Olympic trials before losing in international completion and was unable to secure his spot in Rio. The last decade of his life has been overflowing with laughter, lessons learned, amazing achievements, heartbreaks, goals and of course thousands of memories and stories-, all of which have made his transition from international boxing sensation to full time keynote speaker, a seamless transition.

As a stand-up comedian, Cam has done many comedy shows across the country. Cam is the U.S. National Team Capitan and the Athletic Director on the USA Boxing Board of Directors. He is well respected by his peers, not only for his accolades in the
boxing ring, but also for his positive personality that he instills upon

Along the road, Cam understood the concept of habits and learned to manipulate his own habits into his training in boxing. He learned to transfer his habitual habits to his personal life and professional

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