Ep 80 – Lillian Okoye – Doing Business in China.

Lillian Okoye is a business strategist for visionary entrepreneurs and experts who want to build their global empire and promote their products and services at home and abroad.  Fluent in Mandarin and with a long-time interest in Asia, she started learning Mandarin while in college over a decade ago. Her entrepreneurial journey started when she wrote a business plan on a napkin in New York City’s Chinatown and decided to jumpship and start a business on the streets of Beijing. In 2014, she started her own Beijing-based English training center servicing a 100% Chinese clientele. Through her Chinapreneur program and The Great Wall Mastermind, she helps train the next generation of global-minded entrepreneurs on how they too can also successfully tap into China’s booming market. SmartBrown Voices podcast listeners can get her free weekly tips and strategies for tapping into business opportunities behind the Great Wall at: www.lillianokoye.com

In this episode you will learn:

–Why you’re leaving money on the table if you’re not promoting your products/services in China
–5 things you need to know about selling your product or service in China
–It’s true – You can tap into China’s market without ever knowing a word of Chinese

Feel free to check out the links below to view some of Lillian’s past writings:

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For more visit: www.lillianokoye.com

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