Ep. 5 – What is Black Culture??? #SmartBrownVoices @TheWokePodcast

I have come to the conclusion that change is the process of altering habits of culture (I will explain this further in a later blog post). Change is something that is often a part of any solution. However, I have found that Change is never defined clearly. It is like we are just supposed to know what the hell Change looks like. So, after doing some deep thinking, research, and debating, I have concluded that cultures must pivot to see the desired outcomes you want. Therefore, we must define what culture is before we try to change anything.tumblr_n4xmpqzczb1qf3vf9o2_r2_1280

A set of behaviors, beliefs, concepts, linguistics, experiences and expectations, which are scribed to a social (people, place, or thing) collective to meet the (direct or indirect) agreed upon wants and needs.

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