Why Analytics Matter to Your Business w/ More Demand Podcast

Back in Feb. I was a guest on the More Demand Podcast.

Analytically kick your business into gear with Mike Street http://www.moredemand.co.uk/episode19/

Check it out:

This week, our guest Mike Street gives us an insight into how to use analytics to better identify your market. He is a master in creating connections with social media influencers online and offline, and has an impressive list of clients including NBC, Home Depot, Time Magazine and Remy Martin amongst his contacts. If you watched Breaking Bad, you’ll have seen mike’s work on AMC’s social pages.

He started out as a content writer for BET cable network where he created over 5,000 pieces of work, and in the 12 years since, has grown not only his status as a top social media influencer, but also many of the brands that he’s work with too. If he got paid a dollar for every social share he’s been behind, he’d be sitting on a fortune, and probably isn’t far off actually!

He’s now working as a consultant in New York and Chicago and is using his skills and experience to deliver digital and social media strategy that converts.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • The importance of finding a niche
  • Key elements of Google Analytics
  • Setting Goals
  • Connecting brands with consumers
  • Twitter vs Facebook campaigns
  • A/B Testing & UX experiments

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