5 Places Not to Open a Business


Most Americans dream of starting a business. The economic condition of the country doesn’t seem to demoralize people from being entrepreneurs. The number of companies being registered has increased in recent times. This increase is an indication that the best time to start a business is now. Opening a shop is a challenging task. However, consider these factors to increase your chances of success. For instance, the city in which you start your business will determine whether you will succeed or not. Productivity, crime rates, taxation, cost of living and education level of employees are some of the things that define business success.

New York City

As compared to other cities, the cost of living in New York is higher than other cities. To be competitive, you have to pay your employees well. Getting the best workers will assist you in being productive as a company. The salary you pay your workers should be enough to cater for their bills and make them comfortable.


Connecticut, in general, is not a good place to start a business. It has an unfriendly business tax for startups and life in Connecticut is expensive. As a result, it is a challenge every businessperson dreads. It may decrease your margins or force you to sell your commodities at a high rate to be profitable.

South Carolina

The rate of businesses surviving in South Carolina is low, in Charleston in particular. This factor has demoralized many startups from growing. The gross domestic product (GDP) is low as well, and it affects business performance which hurts company productivity.


Chicago has a low rate of business owners and entrepreneurs. This observation is a testament to the fact that starting a business in this city is not necessarily a great idea. The crime rates alone in Chicago are an important reason why you should reconsider opening a business in the area. The city’s crime rate is significant and plays a significant role in the subdued number of new business. No one would want to trade in an area where the chances of losing his or her hard-earned assets are high.

Los Angeles

Like New York City, Los Angeles has a high cost of living. The cost of housing and utilities make the state an expensive destination to live in. Unless you would like to share office space with other businesses to save on housing costs, LA is not the best destination to start a business.


Carefully factor in your business’s location as you plan to open your doors. It is a vital element that may contribute positively or negatively to your business success.

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