What’s Preventing You From Reaching Your Potential?

What's Preventing You From Reaching Your Potential

We’ve all been there: standing deep in the mire of everyday life, wondering if we’ll ever be able to move forward. But you know it’s possible. Anything is, if you’re willing to take a good look at what isn’t working for you, and what steps you can take to evoke positive change.

Start with social media

Staring at screens has become such an integral part of our everyday lives, it’s hard to be mindful of the toll it can take — particularly if you’re reading the toxic and hateful posts that can crop up, even amongst friends. Take a little time to review your contacts, and delete anyone whose posts or comments routinely make you feel bad. Thank the people who remain, and vow to use your own social media platform to spread joy and not animosity.

Take a close look at your professional life

Are you happy in your work? According to studies, more than half of American workers aren’t. A further percentage feels “disengaged,” meaning they’re not actively unhappy, but their job holds no real interest for them either. It’s never too late to change that. Even if leaving your current position isn’t an option, there are steps you can take toward fulfillment outside of your regular work hours. Find a form of volunteer work that appeals to you, or join a reading or writing group to get in touch with your creative side. You’ll be surprised at what you might discover about yourself.

Take on a redecorating project

Choose an area of the house — even an outside space like the patio or garden — and set about making it over, the way you’ve always dreamed about. It doesn’t have to be expensive or lavish, just different. This is a good opportunity to get rid of clutter you aren’t attached to, but have simply grown used to seeing around.

Make an investment — or cash in on an existing one

Investing in stock can be mentally stimulating, as well as financially rewarding. If you have life insurance and you’re of retirement age, selling your life insurance policy in a life settlement transaction is another option. At this point, you can put the money to as much use as — or more than — your beneficiaries.

No matter what your age or experience, there’s always a way toward becoming a better you. Once you’ve recognized that you need to make a change, you’ve already won the first battle. Now get out there and win the next one.

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  1. Most often, the very thing preventing you from reaching your full potential is not visualizing yourself living your ideal life. Our very cells are energy, our spirits are energy, and our thoughts are energy. So, if that energy (thought/spirit) can see (visualize) success, our very being and subconscious will begin to formulate new synapses & new ways of thinking & new actions & new re-actions. With that said – If you can think it & see it for yourself, full potential, here you come!

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