Why Customers Want Managed Software

If you run a business in today’s world, using the best technology is crucial. With the digital landscape constantly changing, if you don’t adapt, you could be left without as many customers as they migrate to companies who embrace software. More specifically, here is why customers want managed software:

Lower Costs

With a lot of legacy hardware and software, the costs can rise significantly. This is due to the software needing to run on certain equipment that is also old. These days, only a handful of programmers and tech employees can work on these older systems. Thanks to supply and demand, this drives costs up and gets passed onto the consumer. But managed software is cheaper and allows your pricing to be more competitive thanks to being in the cloud.

It’s Faster for Communication

Customers want updates on their purchases. From getting something shipped, to getting a problem resolved, to getting a new promotion applied to their account, you can please them more than ever before by communicating instantly. Managed software can give your team a portal to reach out to and receive communication from customers at any point on any device.

Better User Experience

UX is more important than it ever was before. Long gone are the days when you could simply throw up a website that was ugly and still get traffic, engagement, conversions, and happy customers. With endpoint managers, users get more control, and you are able to deliver a better user experience by integrating your communications and providing a more pleasing flow in every area of the process.


Customers want to know that their data is protected. When you used managed services, you are getting protected by their encryption layers at the cloud level. However, if your system in your company is hacked internally, you don’t have this protection. There is no extra firewall that keeps hackers from seeing file names, banking statements, and ultimately injecting code to hijack the user’s browser on the front end. Managed software lives in the cloud, so it was built with security in mind from day one.

Customers today have a lot less patience than they used to. They want what they want now and in an easy to use format. If your business does not use the best tech tools on the market, you could be putting yourself at a disadvantage. Review the tips above and brainstorm how you can implement managed software into your company today for even better results going forward.


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