Why Do They Say “Content is King” in Digital Marketing

In the world of online marketing, there’s probably no catchphrase that gets used more than the old chestnut “content is king.” While we all know that content is an integral part of any digital marketing campaign, why is it that so many marketing experts claim content marketing as the top priority in this way.

History of the Phrase “Content is King”

Most people point back to an essay that Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote in 1996 as the primary source of this famous saying. At the time, he was speaking to the direction that he saw the early internet evolving toward. Much like the golden age of broadcasting, he had the foresight to see that content itself would be at the center of nearly everything we would end up doing online, including marketing.

How to Make Great Content

You do not have to be an unusually gifted writer to create great content for your website. Instead, you need to have an intimate understanding of your audience and ability to speak to their needs in a way that’s engaging, useful, and authentic.

And what does that look like? In a nutshell, great online content is typically conversational in tone and easy to read. It tends to be pretty short, almost like snack-sized portions. It gets right to the point when it comes to answering the central questions that readers have and doesn’t shy away from sharing personal observations or stories when they’re relevant.

The Benefits of Having Great Content on Your Website

While creating high-quality content that you know your readers will appreciate and find valuable is rewarding itself, most of us are motivated to focus on content marketing for less altruistic reasons.

One of the many benefits of content marketing include being able to establish the use of your products in an easy, natural way. That way, they’ll consider buying. Videos, articles, and social media posts are going to be perfect tools to allow glimpses into your operations. There’s no faster way to build trust than by making good content that offers verifiable, helpful information.

Excellent content can get people talking. After all, being part of the conversation is a huge part of the equation when it comes to promoting yourself online. An insightful piece of content can become the center of the discussion when it is put together and distributed right, possibly giving you access to the people who matter most in your niche.  

This position will keep you at the top of your audience’s mind when they find themselves needing to hire an expert. Over time, establishing yourself as a reliable expert in this role can be very helpful in generating referrals as well.

Of course, becoming the go-to source for useful content in your field doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll have to develop an eye for what types of topics resonate with your audience the most and create a habit of getting content published and distributed on a regular basis. Once you have gotten in the habit of it though, nothing can stop you from rising to the ranks of one of the best websites and authority sources in your line of work.

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