What Kind of Expenses Should I Expect When Starting a Business?

When you are starting your business, it can be overwhelming to try to remember all the things that you are supposed to be doing. You have paperwork you need to file, inventory to stock, people to hire, and an endless list of little things. But when you are planning things, don’t forget that you have to have the money to pay for all of this. There are a variety of expenses that come with starting a business, so here are a few that you should make sure that include in your budget.


Whether your business is a small scale or a large scale, renting expenses will definitely come your way. This expense covers the cost of the premise your business is occupying, which could be office space, a store, or both. When starting a business, you will need a space to run the activities of your business. For instance, when starting a warehouse, you will need to rent space for office, rent space for a store and in some instances, a rented space for retail areas as well. While you cannot avoid this expense, research the availability of rental spaces for business and find out the range of their cost to help you fit this expense in your budget.


Starting a business involves a lot of risks, so you want to make sure that you are properly covered in a variety of areas. You will want renter’s insurance for your property and insurance against inventory loss. You may also need to provide health insurance for your employees. Depending on the type of insurance you offer, you may also want to subsidize the cost for your employees.


Just for your business to function, you will need to pay for a variety of utilities. Sometimes this is covered in the rent that you pay for your commercial property, but sometimes it isn’t. Electricity, gas, internet, water, sewage, and trash utilities are all an important part of your business. You don’t want to just function, you want to function comfortably and efficiently. Because utility prices will depend on where your business is located, this is some research you will need to do when you are choosing a property to rent.


The fees that come with starting a business cover the cost of registering your business as well as the renewal of registration charges. When starting any business, you need to follow the legal stipulated process and at the same time follow the laws that your business falls under. Don’t try to skimp on the fees or put them off until the end of your budget. Having the chance to actually start your business is incredibly important, so don’t put that in jeopardy.


When budgeting for wages, don’t forget that you may be compensating them in more than just their salary. You will want to budget for the skill level of employees that you want to attract. The better employees you want, the more you will have to pay them. You should also budget for any contracted employees or partner that you have to work with to start your business. This may include a lawyer, accountant, HR professional, or other professionals.


Before you set out and start spending your money, make sure you really did your research and you know how much money you need. When you are ready to apply for business financing, you will want to present your business plan with a complete list of expenses so you can get the right amount of funding. Your loan can help you with all these expenses, so don’t be afraid to list everything out for your lender.

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