Biggest SEO Mistakes Companies Make

SEO should play a vital role in practically every digital marketing strategy. Despite the popularity of social networks and the many opportunities they offer, businesses still need an optimized website that attracts steady streams of qualified visitors from search engines.

Unlike paid digital advertising, such as PPC, SEO relies on so-called “organic” tactics that naturally match website content with relevant searches. When properly done, SEO can result in high conversion rates in terms of lead generation and sales.

Businesses that want to benefit from SEO often underestimate its complexity. So, to make your SEO strategy more successful, learn from the following mistakes other companies make while trying to grow their own online business.

Making SEO an Afterthought

Some businesses want to get online quickly, so they publish a website without even thinking about SEO. Disappointing results often ensue when this happens. Afterward, the natural response is to add SEO to their site, an effort that can require a complete overhaul.

In addition to choosing and optimizing for profitable keywords and phrases, businesses must also resolve any negative SEO results generated by their original site. For instance, if their pages rank for an irrelevant keyword, that could harm the overall performance of their domain.

Business owners, web developers, designers, and marketers should all work together to plan a website project. This includes setting well-defined goals and choosing the keywords that have the most relevance to their business model.

Factors such as site layout, information structure, and error mapping are just a few factors that, in addition to content, can directly impact SEO. If your business lacks in-house SEO expertise, the time to get professional help is right now, so you can create and execute a winning plan.

Ignoring Backlinks

As SEO becomes more competitive, backlinks can give companies a major advantage. When popular, trustworthy sites link to external resources, their destinations gain from the authority of that site. However, earning backlinks can take a substantial amount of time and effort. For this reason, many companies simply ignore the tactic.

Even when some businesses pay attention to backlinks, they still make a mistake by thinking that the quantity of links is what matters. It’s not. Backlinks can actually hurt your website if they come from sites that have no relevance to the linked content.

So, a backlink strategy should focus on earning links from authoritative, high-quality websites and removing links from spammy sites. A few good backlinks can usually provide a substantial SEO benefit.

Additionally, a backlink profile can show you how your business is growing. As your brand grows in terms of customers, scope, and recognition, more sites will naturally link to yours. So, this metric can serve as a gauge of your overall success as well as a benchmark for SEO.

Doing it Yourself

Can you really afford to learn SEO as you go along? SEO is a complicated science that requires a substantial amount of knowledge as well as refined skills. Sure, you can get some pointers by surfing the web, but can you afford to make mistakes with your business?

If you want to learn SEO, go ahead. Make it your hobby. Setup a personal site and start learning from your experience. Meanwhile, either hire an experienced SEO professional for your team or retain the services of a proven digital marketing firm.

Although you may have to pay more for SEO services when you hire an expert, you can expect to receive faster, more profitable results. You can also expect to have fewer mistakes made than you’d get from a do-it-yourself campaign.

When you do SEO the right way, you can expect long-term results that withstand the seemingly random algorithm changes Google and other search engines routinely implement. However, accomplishing this requires you to follow good SEO practices on an ongoing basis.

Skimping on Content

Creating content takes a lot of time and can, therefore, cost a lot of money. Businesses that skimp on content sabotage all their other SEO tactics. As search engine algorithms become more intelligent, content quality is becoming more important for SEO.

Rather than stuffing pages full of keywords, you should create content that answers the real-world questions that your prospective customers have. So, when Google realizes that your site has a good chance to provide value, a link to your site will rise to the top of search results.

Variety also has an impact on content quality. Nowadays, many people refuse to read articles that look like walls of text. Instead, they like to learn visually with infographics, illustrations, and videos to break up the monotony.

If you and your team lack the time or the willpower to produce world-class content for your website, consider hiring freelance or contract workers to do the job. These often cost less than traditional employees and can work remotely without needing an office at your facility.

Forgo Tracking

After finally deploying an optimized website, you probably feel relieved as you cross that job off your list. As you re-immerse yourself with other aspects of your business, you could quickly lose the benefit of your SEO investment.

Ongoing tracking will help you verify that your website is resonating with your intended audience. Also, as time passes, your analytics data can alert you to new competitors and changes in consumer preferences and behaviors.

To begin, install Google Analytics on your site. This free application measures numerous performance indicators and can provide you with the insights and reports needed to succeed online.

Choose other third-party tools to help you track and diagnose the performance of your site and alert you when something goes wrong. In other words, by staying vigilant, you can preserve your SEO investment and prevent minor problems from becoming catastrophic for your business.

Ultimately, you can save a lot of time, money, and hassle by avoiding the biggest SEO mistakes companies make. By doing so, you can improve your chance of success while leveraging the power of SEO to create a long-lasting marketing advantage for your brand.

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