5 Technological Tips to Help Your Startup Get Off the Ground

Technology gives startups a chance to level the playing field against larger competitors. With the right tools in place, you and your team can do more in less time with your limited budget. For starters, use the following technologies to help get your startup off the ground.



A website can serve as a hub for your startup. At any time of the day, potential customers can visit your site to learn about what you have to offer. Additionally, when people use search engines to find similar to your products and services, you gain access to well-qualified prospects.

In addition to search engine traffic, your website can attract traffic from your social media profiles and other sites. Your job is to ensure that visitors can easily find the information they need. You should also provide a fast, pleasant process for anyone who chooses to buy from you.


Social Media

Billions of people log into social networks every day, making them perfect places for your startup to acquire customers. When you create social media profiles, make sure you clearly identify your business and provide contact information. Also, be sure to post valuable content that entertains and informs to encourage social sharing.

Remember that social media users expect to have a social experience when they log in. Therefore, make sure your activity on social sites emphasizes relationships, rather than profits. Become part of the experience by sharing content and liking and following the people who connect with you.



More than half of all internet traffic comes from people who use mobile devices. For this reason, you must ensure that everything you do loads quickly and looks good on smartphones and tablets. This should affect the design of your website as well as the format of content you post to social networks.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may also want to create a dedicated mobile app. This can simplify the process of shopping with your firm and give customers a convenient way to contact you and monitor their accounts. A mobile app can give you a vital competitive edge, especially if your competitors have yet to make one available.


Local Search

Localized search services provided by Google and other providers help people locate the goods and services that they need, wherever they are. If you operate a brick and mortar store or office, you need to embrace local search. This will make it easier for people to find you. If you don’t shoppers will visit your competitors instead.

In addition to finding your location, shoppers can use local search to discover your hours, website and telephone number. Local search can also disclose the type of products you sell and therefore prequalify the foot traffic that comes to your location.



Evolving markets and changing economic conditions mean that the needs of your startup will constantly change. To keep up with the requirements of your business, you should take advantage of educational technology. Without disrupting your schedule, you can get the knowledge and credentials needed for you to succeed.

Rather than attending in-person classes at a nearby college, enroll in an online business degree program. You can choose from a broad range of schools and degrees and complete your courses in your spare time. Additionally, you should consider using unstructured micro learning apps to grow your knowledge outside of formal training.


As you learn about and apply the above technologies to get your startup off the ground, stay alert. You may come across additional opportunities that can revolutionize your business regarding productivity and profitability. As a matter of fact, by using technology, you give your startup an unlimited chance for success.



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