" /> The Reset Podcast w/ Laura Mignott (@Lmigno) #InternationalWomensDay – #SmartBrownVoices

The Reset Podcast w/ Laura Mignott (@Lmigno) #InternationalWomensDay

Digital marketing pro – and podcasting pundit – Mike Street (@MrMikeStreet) joins host Laura Mignott (Founder, experiential marketing agency Digital Flash) to dissect best practices for digital/social marketing, from uncovering your audience to incorporating elements of fringe culture. The discussion touches on opportunities for people of color, how to get paid for doing good work…even an impromptu review of this year’s CES. Check out Mike’s podcast “Smart Brown Voices” in all the usual places, it’s great.


Creator and host: Laura Mignott
Producer: Sandy Smallens for Audiation.fm
Mixer: Matt Noble at The Loft in Bronxville, NY
Additional production: Bang Studios in New York City
Original Theme Music: Probe Rok

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