#SmartBrownVoices – Ep 5 – André Travieso – Put Your Dukes Up.

About this episode:

Mike Street sits down with André Travieso to talk about the ins and outs, and ups and down of Intellectual Property. Andre is an amazing Attorney based in NYC and NJ who has never lost a case.


Andre Traviso


About the show:

#SmartBrownVoices is a weekly podcast hosted by Mike Street. It is designed to help inspire it’s audience to reach the next level in life by connecting to powerful and diverse voices of value.

Insights from this episode:

  • Always make sure to copywrite and protect your brand as much as possible
  • Live your life on purpose
  • Remember: Copywrite, Trademark, Patent, or Trade Secrets

Get in touch with André:

Full Name: Andre G. Travieso
Company: Travieso Law, P.C.
Job Title: Attorney at Law

Email: andre@traviesolaw.com
Website: www.traviesolaw.com
Phone Business: 212-292-4557
Fax Business: 212-202-7631
Address: 521 Fifth Avenue,17th Floor
New York, NY 10175

About André Travieso

André G. Travieso has years of experience in handling state and federal criminal law cases in New York and New Jersey. Most recently, Mr. Travieso won a six-figure case for a client that had been wrongfully imprisoned and subsequently exonerated for the crime of which he was convicted due to faulty DNA results. Additionally, Mr. Travieso has won and obtained acquittals, dismissals and other successful outcomes in every conceivable type of criminal case, including drug conspiracies, robbery, gun possession, DWI and other numerous crimes.

Mr. Travieso is not only an accomplished attorney but he is also an advocate for his hometown of the Bronx, New York—where he also has an office to better serve his client base. André is a member of the American Bar Association, the New York State Bar Association (Criminal and Business Law Section Member), the New Jersey State Bar Association, the Bronx County Bar Association, the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, the Puerto Rican Bar Association and the Metropolitan Black Bar Association. Mr. Travieso is admitted to practice law in the state and federal courts of New York and New Jersey.

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