#SmartBrownVoices – Ep. 45 – Andrew Shade, Broadway Black

Andrew Shade Headshot


Andrew Shade is the Founder and Editorial Director of Broadway Black. “BroadwayBlack.com is dedicated to highlighting the achievements and successes of African-Americans theatre artists on and off the Broadway stage. For so long, our voices have been skimmed over inside and outside of The Great White Way. However, we know we have experiences to share that are essential. BroadwayBlack.com serves as a collective of things we all care for. It is a platform for all things Black theatre. Created for the child in all of us who looked up to the stage searching for the faces that looked like ours. Celebrating the dedication of those who hand over their life to give all they have to the stage. Shining light on those that continue our journey. Paying tribute to those who blazed the way for our story to be told, seen, and heard on The Great Way.”



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