#SmartBrownVoices – Ep 24 – DJ Stormin’ Norman #SundaeSermon #Harlem

In this special edition of #SmartBrownVoice Mike Street chats with DJ Stormin Norman creator of Sundae Sermon.

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DJ Stormin Norman Invites International Grammy Award winning DJ Louie Vega and Kevin Hedge from WBLS, Along with Live Performances to Get the Crowd Dancing in the Park for this Highlight of the Summer

More about Stormin Norman and Sundae Sermon:

Summer has officially arrived, and in Harlem that means Sundae Sermon! The wildly popular free afternoon outdoor music festival is held in Harlem’s local parks and attracts families, dance enthusiasts, music lovers, neighbors and visitors from across the city who gather to enjoy the outdoors and music curated by top national and international DJs. The event is the brainchild of DJ Stormin Norman and one of the uptown highlights of the summer months. This summer’s installments are hosted by celebrity chef and owner of The Redrooster and Streetbird, Marcus Samuelsson, BET’s Michaela Angela Davis, and Bravo’s Bevy Smith.

Two installments are planned for this summer:

Sunday, June 28 – featuring
• DJ Stormin Norman and the celebrity and Grammy Award winning DJ Louie Vega and Kevin Hedge of Roots NYC and WBLS 107.5
• Live performance by legendary Adeva, debuting new hit singles “I Deserve to Breathe” & “Respect” from the forthcoming album, Louie Vega starring 28 artists, 28 songs on Vega Records
• And from South Africa on a U.S. TOUR Nomsa NOMSISUPASTA Nawai singing her hit “Traveller”

Sunday, August 9 – The classics edition featuring
• DJ Stormin’ Norman and DJ Cosi. Spinning the classics from the 70’s to the 90’s

“Harlem is legendary for creating original music, rich culture and diverse community. Sundae Sermon continues this tradition by bringing it all together not under one roof, but under one sun in a free outdoor gathering,” said Norman. Both Sundae Sermon installments will take place in St. Nicholas Park at 135th Street and St. Nicholas Ave. from 1 – 7pm.

Sundae Sermon extends its reach through indoor and multi-platform events throughout the year. Music is at its root, branching through genres of funk, soul, disco, classic, soulful deep house and Hip Hop. A diverse collective of internationally celebrated DJs contribute to Sundae Sermon’s unique experience. Each event attracts thousands of attendees from urban professionals, tastemakers, local business owners, teens to seniors, nationally and international.

About DJ Stormin Norman
DJ Stormin’ Norman, Sundae Sermon’s founder, originally hails from East London, England, and is now a resident of Harlem. In the 90’s, he was part of a groundbreaking DJ collective that set a new precedent in national radio with the “Thunderstorm Mix” on New York’s WBLS 107.5FM. The program introduced live mixing to daytime radio, previously reserved for weekend nights broadcasted from nightclubs. For over 20 years, he’s played major New York clubs, exclusive downtown spots, elite private events and world tours. A Harlem resident for over 20 years, Norman is passionate about constructively contributing to its current renaissance. “There are a lot of Harlemites who have to venture downtown or to other boroughs for this kind of experience,” Norman said. “Sundae Sermon lets us support and celebrate this great neighborhood and network, and invite the rest of the city to join the party,” he added.

About Sundae Sermon
Now as the “the Woodstock and Coachella of Harlem” Sundae Sermon’s mission is to support the spirit and strengthen the Harlem community by providing a platform to promote environmental, educational and recreational family friendly activities in a healthy, casual communal environment. It seeks to foster and connect fundraising and friendraising efforts of compatible charities and foundations through Musical Performances and Film Screenings. Sundae Sermon has extended to Sundae Sermon Radio WHCR 90.3 and Sundae Sermon recordings with the debut album coming out late summer.

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