#SmartBrownVoices – Ep 23 – Aprille Franks-Hunt

This week Mike Street chats with Aprille Franks-Hunt. Learn how this amazing woman has created a movement.


Visit her site here: http://www.aprillefranks.com/

Facebook: Women Recharged

Twitter: Women Recharged

Learn more about Aprille Franks-Hunt:

Aprille Franks-Hunt is a natural born thought leader, nationally accredited author, transformational speaker, entrepreneur, who coaches and trains other purpose driven entrepreneurs into their divine greatness!

As the CEO of Women Recharged, Aprille has dedicated her career to helping women explore and share their hidden extraordinary gifts. Her mission is to create a global community designed to enrich Women to live fearlessly, authentically and with flexibility through coaching, speaking resources and support.

Aprille has worked with multi-million dollar clients consulting and coaching to help create business solutions that increase profits and streamline operations. That experience is the lifeblood of her newest division of her company, Coach, Speak & Serve. CSS was created for entrepreneurial GAMECHANGERS looking to make an impact with their message and create a sustainable business simultaneously – leveraging the power of coaching, the stage and authorship as tools to get there.

Amid Aprille’s full speaking travel schedule, she also manages to conduct well attended live events and conferences.

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  1. Toresa says:

    I listened to your show with Aprille. Great job. Keep doing what you are doing… We need you!!! #inlifenow

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