#SmartBrownVoices – EP 12 – Kitty Bradshaw : Blogging for Brands

In this episode Mike Street sits down with power blogger, Kitty Bradsaw, to discuss the ins and outs of bloggers working with brands. Learn what brands are looking for when they engage with bloggers and much more.




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About Kitty Bradshaw

Kitty Bradshaw is an Online Influencer and Web Socialite who has blogged for over 17 years. Upon moving to New York in 2007, she created a new, local blog called KittyBradshaw.com, which has since expanded to covering both Los Angeles and New York lifestyle. Over the last 6 years she has used the name Kitty Bradshaw to broker contracts and brand ambassadorships with Gap, Toyota, and currently Best Buy Electronics and General Motors. Bradshaw has written for the Wendy Williams Show’s blog, been a member of the Dr. Phil Social Media Team, as well as hosted events for McDonald’s Corporation, and Johnson & Johnson. She has also worked with Bacardi Mixers, which led to her own signature drink called “The Kitty Bradshaw.”

Black Enterprise featured Bradshaw as one of the top African American bloggers in the country, and she was recently featured on CNN. Bradshaw’s motto is, “If you love it, live it.”  She can currently be found splitting her time between residences in Los Angeles, New York, and Hawaii.


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  1. Great podcast! I’ve followed Kitty for a while and she gave some great tips in this interview/podcast. My main takeaway… “keep your blog voice strong, people will always return to the written word!”

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