How Marsha R. Bonner (@MarshaHUGS) used HUGS to help people heal.

Marsha R. Bonner is a noted empowerment speaker, social activist, corporate human resources diversity executive, and a luminary for change and acceptance.

Marsha, who is active in grassroots multicultural, women, LGBTQ, domestic violence and humanitarian initiatives, garnered international acclaim after her appearance on the ABC network television program “What Would You Do?” in an episode titled, “Interracial Couple Faces Criticism.” Marsha’s diplomatic boldness against bullying and intolerance in a Harlem barbershop created a “teachable moment” that became a viral sensation. The video of her appearance, found at, has received more than 70 million hits around the globe. It caught the attention of ABC’s “Nightline,” which aired a clip of Bonner in a news segment about “What Would You Do?” hosed by veteran news correspondent John Quiñones.

Marsha speaks to audiences about her inspiring journey “From the Brooklyn Streets to the Corporate Suites”. Although put on a path designed to allow her to succeed, she chose a different course and endured a tormented, dark journey as a crack addict. Faced with dying homeless on the streets, Marsha was rescued from her horrifying existence of humiliation and degradation when she entered an alcohol and drug treatment facility.

Marsha, an African-American lesbian business executive has specialized in human resources, diversity, inclusion and equality for over 25 years. The Harlem resident is a senior Human Resources and Diversity Consultant with MRW Consulting Group, International, LLC. Marsha also served as a Senior Human Resources Business Partners for the New York Times Company. Other key positions include Director of Human Resources at and Corporate Recruiter/Human Resources Generalist at the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Marsha received a Master of Science in Organizational Change Management from The New School and a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications from Baruch College. She holds professional certifications from the Society of Human Resources Management and the Human Capital Institute.

Marsha is the Founder of the H.U.G.S. Movement Campaign (Helping Us Grow Spiritually) to advocate appreciation of all humanity. The campaign encourages individuals from around the world to respect and appreciate others through their words, actions and deeds by living and embracing a “HUGS Mindset”. Marsha is committed to sharing her uplifting message and she motivates others to lead purpose driven lives and stand against discriminatory ideas and stereotypes that prevent people from living in fellowship.

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