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Stress Management Tips From Fitness Expert @FriendsofJodi
May 16, 2016 podcast

How do you manage stress? Take a step back and listen to Jodi Brockington give you insights on stress management.

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About Jodi Brockington

Jodi Brockington is the “judgement free” fitness and wellness trainer for busy New York City executives.  After recovering from three major injuries, she developed a signature program, the FOJ 28 Day Challenge, which helps clients to jump-start and maintain their health and fitness goals. She has been featured in Our World with Black Enterprise, the Black Enterprise Business Report and NV Magazine….among many publications featuring her health and wellness program. Jodi also has more than 15 years of executive experience in myriad roles including prospecting and cultivating high profile clients, stakeholders and networks, managing daily operations, events, conferences and programs.

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