Ep. 18 – Interview w/ Rodney Kellum 🙋🏾‍♂️💼🙏🏾

Rodney Kellum is a recovered Workaholic. He works smarter instead of harder.

Mr. Kellum went to college, worked hard and achieved several of his career goals. He never found himself feeling truly fulfilled. He was always tired, wasn’t meeting his financial goals, and he rarely got to spend any quality time with his family and loved ones.

That is until he reached complete exhaustion and financial depletion. Also known as rock bottom and finally decided to change his life.

Now, Mr. Kellum is an online entrepreneur who has a real work/life balance. He also have a passion to help other overworked Dads break free from the dream killing “employee mindset” that used to keep them trapped in a cycle of unemployment, broke, and unfulfilled.



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