5 Biggest Mistakes Companies Make When They Develop An App

Smartphones have entirely transformed the world as we know it. Thanks to these fantastic devices, people now have access to almost limitless information from anywhere. As such, the market for apps has absolutely exploded in the past several years into a $70 billion industry and can very well get a business off the ground.  

However, making apps isn’t as easy as it seems. Many companies make severe mistakes and develop apps that barely anyone installs or uses. With that in mind, below are five mistakes companies should be sure to avoid when developing a new app.

The App Doesn’t Fulfill a Need for the Consumer

There are an almost limitless amount of gimmicky apps available for purchase for the iPhone, Android operating system, and others. While some of these may create a buzz for a while, they end up being abandoned. Instead, you should focus on long-term engagement. That requires fulfilling a consistent need for the consumer with the app.

The App Doesn’t Fulfill Your Needs as a Business

Much like fulfilling the needs of consumers, apps should also fulfill the needs of the businesses that develop them. The app should be creating revenue somehow. This can be directly through the purchase price of the app or through in-app purchases. It can also be through using the app to market other products and services.

Not Providing Consistent Updates

Another issue arises when a developer simply dumps an app onto online stores and forgets about it. Instead, you should have a policy of providing consistent updates. This can make sure that your app removes any bugs, is up to date with modern phone operating systems and continues to meet the needs of users.

Not Monitoring App Activity

Another mistake you should avoid is forgetting to monitor your application services, usually with some sort of monitoring tool with intelligent . There’s a lot of valuable information that can be gathered by doing so. You may be able to use the information in question make more successful suggestive selling attempts in-app to increase profit margins.

Not Testing It on Enough Platforms

In regards to developing apps, the testing phase is possibly the most important one. You need to make sure to test your app on as many different devices and platforms as possible. Just because it functions correctly on one device or one platform does not mean that will be the case for all.

App development is one of the fastest growing markets in the world today. However, just because there are a lot of apps for sale does not mean successfully developing apps is easy. Make sure to avoid the above problems if you want to achieve success with your apps.




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