#29BlackPodcast – @BlackComicsChat #BlackHistoryMonth #Podcast #SupportBlackPodcasts

Please check out Black Comics Chat. A podcast at the inters​ection of Comics and Blackness. IT’s filled with tons of great comic and geek fun!

#29BlackPodcast – @HerPowerHustle #BlackHistoryMonth #Podcast #SupportBlackPodcasts

There would be no SmartBrownVoice’s podcast without @MichelleTalbert. Check out her podcast Her Power Hustle!

#29BlackPodcast – @TeawithQJ #BlackHistoryMonth #Podcast #SupportBlackPodcasts

Queen and J. are two funny women talking about pop culture, politics and whatever else pops into their heads during tea time. Drink up!

#29BlackPodcast – Snack Size Social w/ @TweetTanyaSmith #BlackHistoryMonth #Podcast #SupportBlackPodcasts

When you look in iTunes and Marketing there are only a small handful of Black/Brown people discussing this topic. Snack Size Social with Tanya Smith helps you with actionable tips to take your business to the next level via content marketing. Tanya has a ton of great tips and useful information.

#29BlackPodcast – @AnotherRound @heavenrants & @brokeymcpoverty #BlackHistoryMonth #Podcast #SupportBlackPodcasts

Another Round is one of my fav podcast to listen to while traveling. Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton keep the show super fun. I love every moment of it. This is one of the podcast I’d love to seen turned into a TV show. Check out this episode with Marlon Wayans.

#29BlackPodcast – @blackgirlnerds! Podcast #BlackHistoryMonth #Podcast #SupportBlackPodcasts

The Black Girl Nerd’s podcast is one of my favorite things to listen to at the gym. Check out this awesome interview with Comedian, Vlogger, Host, and Writer Franchesca Ramsey. Check back daily during Black History Month for more of my favorite podcast.

#29BlackPodcast – @BroadwayBlack’s “Off-Book” #BlackHistoryMonth #Podcast #SupportBlackPodcasts

This Black History month we are featuring our 29 favorite Black/Brown podcast. Please support podcast of color. Take a listen and enjoy. You can also check out our interview with the founder of Broadway Black here.

2016 Digital Trends from #SmartBrownVoices

Happy Black History Month! Since it’s still the top of the year and we love marketing, we want to share with you #SmartBrownVoice woking in the space. We asked some of the experienced marketing voices about trends everyone should be looking for in 2016. Check out the presentation and see what these savvy experts had…

Social Media Resources/Tools for Weekend Startup School #WeStartup

  Thanks to everyone who came to hear me speak during Weekend Startup School. Please show your support and subscribe to #SmartBrownVoices on iTunes here ===> http://bit.ly/SmartBrownVoices. Please leave a review of the show and help us grown. If you’d like to be a guest on the show send me your story at streetforce1@gmail.com. Here…

#SmartBrownVoices on Inc.com

A big thank you to Larry Kim for the #SmartBrownVoices podcast shout out on Inc.com.